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My Cleaning Checklist with Free Printable

My Cleaning Checklist with Free Printable

Hello my fellow neat freaks! I use this term in the most endearing way possible.

Here’s the thing. I can not focus on just about anything while sitting among clutter and mess. Your surroundings are the external content of what’s going on inside your head. IT’S TRUE.

I need to reside in a tidy, organized space in order to be productive. It can be debilitating at times, but I’m weird and that’s just me, mmkay?

In order to keep myself in check, and keep my house neat and tidy, I have found that keeping a daily cleaning checklist (where are my fellow checklist lovers?) is crucial.

I like lists. I need them in order to not forget things. So, I made myself a little daily cleaning list to follow (I keep mine on the fridge) and check off things as I finish. I love checking off to-do list tasks. It makes me feel accomplished, even if it’s just wiping down counter tops. My to-do list turns into my ta-da list, and I love it. It’s like my gold star, k?

Here is a brief breakdown of how I clean each week:

MONDAY: This day is a doosey. Cleaning bathrooms is my absolute least favorite thing to do. Toilets. Showers. Ick. But, someone’s gotta do it, and we no longer have our monthly cleaning lady (thank you, budget). Well, we do actually. It’s me. I figure this is the best day to get bathrooms and bedrooms out of the way, so we can have all week with these areas clean. Plus, they can get extra messy over the weekend with the whole family hanging around the house more.

TUESDAY: I really focus on the kitchen everyday, but it gets some extra attention on Tuesdays. Our trash day is Wednesday morning, so Tuesday is a great day to clean out the fridge, take out the trash (this is also the day I empty the diaper pail) and clean a little deeper than I do on other days.

WEDNESDAY: Hump day is a great day to focus on the living room (I pick up in here every day as well, but it gets deep cleaned here.) I focus on floors and dusting mostly. It’s amazing what all your toddler can hide between couch cushions and under furniture.

THURSDAY: Our office can easily get piled up with bills, paperwork, receipts from my husband’s pockets and God knows what else. Thursdays I focus on getting all paperwork filed in our filing cabinet, clean off our shared desk, and I’ll even clean up our computer desktop this day as well. Hallways and our entryway get some love, too. I’ll put misplaced items back in place, clean the stairs, etc.

FRIDAY: Right before the weekend kicks off, I like to focus on our front and back patio. The front patio doesn’t get too messy, so I’ll just sweep and pick up a little. The back patio is more used, so I’ll sweep here as well, pick up dog and baby toys and mop (we have porcelain tile so it’s very easy to clean). I’ll also pick up in the garage and sweep if it needs it and clean out my car before the weekend. We use my car on the weekends, so this way we’ll start the weekend with a fresh interior. Yes, it will be destroyed by Monday, so I’ll give it a sweep after the weekend as well. If you know me, you know I am a freak about having a clean car. I clean it out every time I get out of it, collecting cups, baby stuff and any trash that may have accumulated during the trip.

My Everyday tasks include doing dishes, laundry and picking up. I 100% do these every day, but it’s not as overwhelming as it sounds. Doing dishes every day means starting the day with an empty dishwasher (because you unloaded it the night prior) and just filling it throughout the day. I have found this is the only way to keep dished from piling up in the sink. Run it before bed, and unload it before breakfast. It is life changing, I swear. By doing 1-2 loads of laundry everyday, this keeps it from piling up. I used to do laundry one day a week, which works for some, but for me it was too much to do all in one day. We go through a lot of clothes in this house so it can really get overwhelming in a week. I just do a couple of small loads a day and this really helps keep it down.

I give myself a break from deep cleaning on the weekends. I’m still constantly picking up though, because I have a baby, husband and dog….but I just take it a little easier (or try to) on Saturday and Sunday.

Is my house always clean? Ha! No ma'am. I have days where I don’t clean a thing, and that’s OKAY. There are more important things than obsessively cleaning. However, I do stick to this list 95% of the time and it keeps me happy because my house is clean. Clean house/happy wife.

The important thing to remember is balance. Life happens. Mess happens. Don’t stress over it, just roll with it and do the best you can. I have to tell myself this a LOT.

I’ve included a free printable of my personal checklist if you wanna give this whole checklist thing a whirl! Let me know if you grab it and how you like it!





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