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18 Week Maternity Shoot

18 Week Maternity Shoot

Hi Friends!

I have made it my mission to take more maternity photos during this pregnancy. I only took a handful with my PP (Penny pregnancy) and did one legit shoot when I was around 34 weeks pregnant. Those ended up being some of my favorite photos ever, but I wish I had more leading up to the hugeness, ya know, when I wasn’t completely uncomfortable.


Enter, the 18 week maternity shoot.

Why not rock the pregnancy during the second trimester when you are feeling your best?

You know what else makes you feel your best? CUTE MATERNITY CLOTHES.


Gone are the days of moo moos and feeling like a disgusting blob while you are taking on the most incredible miracle of the world. I’m sorry, but I want to feel presentable while I’m growing to the size of Texas. During my PP, I discovered (through the help of some YouTube mamas) the wonderful world of Pink Blush. They were like a gold mine when I was searching for cute, affordable maternity clothes and soon began filling my preggo stash with their tops, pants, leggings and dresses.


They also extend beyond maternity, so you don’t have to be growing a human to shop there.

I am absolutely loving this maternity top I just got. It’s roomy and flowy, so I can grow into it as little Ellie grows. The good news is, I don’t feel like I’m wearing a tent. I love the bell sleeves, ruffle detail and sheer neckline and sleeves. I like to pair it with some flare jeans (since those are a thing now), and comfy heels or boots.


It’s still around 80 degrees here in Texas, so it’s a great transitional piece to ease into fall with, but I’ll be wearing this for ALL the seasons.

Let me know how you like it and if you have tried Pink Blush before!

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