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"Pretty as a Peach" Nursery

"Pretty as a Peach" Nursery

Designing Penny's nursery with my husband has been my favorite home project so far. There's something about getting to decorate a baby room that is so magical! For us, we knew we didn't want it to look traditionally "baby".

When it comes to design, I think its necessary to think outside the box a little. After all, that's what design is all about-a reflection of YOU and your creativity. We wanted to create a space that she could grow into, not something we would need to completely redo once she's a toddler. 

Now, her room (previously my husband's office-he has since been banished to the upstairs "bonus room" or "loft") is quite small, so we had to get a little creative. We needed to fit the essentials: crib, changing table, wardrobe (no closet) and a rocker. 

As you can see, an entire wall of her room is dedicated to a built-in bookshelf. At first, this was a huge pain to me, but once we covered it in white paint it ended up being my favorite room feature! That being said, we obviously couldn't place any furniture here. Another wall has two windows, so no big furniture here as well in an effort to keep all of the natural light. So, we had two walls to work with. We decided to purchase a used armoire wardrobe from Craigslist.

Thank goodness hubby is handy (and thrifty). 

The wardrobe was sanded and painted all white to keep a crisp, clean look. The knobs were spray painted gold which made a huge difference! He installed a little white rod inside to hang her tiny clothes, painted the interior drawers pale pink and that was it! I loved the way it turned out. I ended up buying some small grey bins on Amazon to place inside the larger drawers to separate her onesies, socks, bows, etc. It ended up fitting perfectly on the smallest wall in the room tucked away behind the door. 

I was really impressed with what my husband came up with for the changing table. I believe it was an old buffet-purchased from Goodwill. I actually liked its original look-an olive green color straight from the 70s. But, that color wasn't going to survive in a world of peach and white. It got painted all white as well to match the wardrobe. New knobs from Hobby Lobby and threw a changing pad on top. Done! Love it. It won the space along the largest wall in the room which ended up working really well. By using a buffet, it ended up having some pretty handy storage underneath. I keep all of her bibs, burp cloths, bath supplies and first aid and medicines under here. Storage is so important, especially when you are working in such a small space. 

We decided a couple of items to not purchase used were the crib and rocker.

We purchased this iron crib from Bratt Decor. I held back on getting a super girly crib just in case we ever have a boy. We decided (also, lack of options) to place the crib in the middle of the room. It was awkward at first, but I got used to it, and I like that it kind of showcases it in the center. We bought a grey and white rug from Home Goods to place the crib and soften the room a bit since it's all wood floors in there. 

We purchased this rocker from Wayfair in cream and placed it along the edge of the window. I believe it was on sale at the time (they typically have pretty good sales) and it's actually very comfy! 

Now that the room is jam packed, all that was left was to add the small decor items for the shelf-my favorite part.

How many times can I say something was "my favorite" in this post? 

The majority of the items were purchased from Hobby Lobby and Home Goods. I was clearly going through a pineapple obsession at the time. I still like them though. Fruit is always good. 

We also used some old books we already owned to place on the shelves. I just love mixing old things with new ones, don't you? I also really love children's books. If I found one that I especially liked the cover, I placed it on the shelf with a coordinating item. I didn't want the shelves to appear over-crowded or messy, so just a handful of items per shelf was the plan. 

I ordered a lovely little felt flower mobile from Etsy. Marcus removed the ceiling fan and made a new light fixture cover. We purchased an inexpensive basic white hanging light fixture from Ikea, and then made the globe cover with gold yarn and a large rubber ball. Sounds strange, but it actually works! There is a very manly photo below of him during the process. 

That's basically it! As I said, this was a really fun project and I kind of want to have another kid just so I can do another baby room. Is that crazy? Yes. The answer is yes. 

Oh, the wall color is "Pretty as a Peach" Valspar paint. 

I have included the before photos at the very bottom so you can see just how gloomy this room and the furniture was before it got a little love. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!