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How to be Happy Every Day

How to be Happy Every Day

This calls for a “Sex and the City” quote: I don’t even need to look this up, because I’ve seen every episode and both movies more times than I would like to admit. Carrie and the girls were at the diner they frequent talking about their life, relationships, etc. Samantha was struggling with her relationship with Smith Jared. She says something about how no one is happy in their relationship every day, turns to Charlotte and asks her how often she is happy in her relationship.

Charlotte delivers a line so small, but I always remember it.

Charlotte: “Every day.”

Samantha: “You’re happy every day?”

Charlotte: “Well, not all day every day….but every day.”

This speaks to me.

Can’t we be happy every day, despite all of our secret baggage and different circumstances?

Overall, I believe I’m happy and have a good attitude and outlook on life. Sure, there are some days when I am super tired, unmotivated and just not feeling it. But that’s when I have to be intentional with my mood. I MAKE myself come out of that icky feeling. Our minds are stronger than we realize. Decide you are happy and be happy. Kind of like fake it till you make it.

For me, doing certain things that I know bring me joy always help. Here are a few, and don’t laugh.

1.) I clean. I organize a small section of my house. I throw away clutter. Sometimes I do this first thing in the morning (when I struggle with the icky feeling most) and it sets a tone for how my day will go.

2.) I turn on a motivational podcast or worship music. I steer from turning on the t.v. because that always sucks me into an even bigger rut, and literally NEVER makes me feel better. Especially during the day. What we put into our ears and minds is what is poured out of us on the daily. If you put good in, good will come out. It’s a simple, yet so profound concept. Try it next time you are in a funk and see how it works.

3.) Unplug from the social world and go outside. I try to go outside with the baby for at least 15 minutes a day. I fight the urge to not grab my phone on the way out the door. I get joy from watching her play and playing with her. Plus. fresh air does wonders for your mood! Take it a step further and walk barefoot in the grass. It sounds corny, but for me it’s nostalgic and I’ve read some wild benefits of what people call “grounding” connecting your feet to the earth. Look it up. It’s a thing!

4.) I write. Writing brings me joy. It can be as small as making a to-do list or writing in my calendar, or writing a blog. It’s me creating something, feeling organized and back in control. Creating things brings me joy, and this can literally be ANYthing.

5.) An obvious one. Holding and kissing my baby’s chubby cheeks. I relish in those cheeks. I get sad thinking about how she won’t always have them (or maybe she will…it’s a Howell trait) or let me kiss them. But then I kiss them and take joy in the moment. Hearing her laugh is my drug.

6.) Connecting with friends and family. For me, it can be calling my mom or sending her or my sister a text or meeting a friend for a walk or lunch. Yes, I’m an introvert, but I do love and crave social interaction with people I love. I always leave feeling full. We were created to be in community with one another. Don’t let special friendships and loved ones slip by. They bring more happiness than you realize…or they should, at least!

7.) One thing that always makes me happy (and probably everyone) is exercise. This is a tough one for me because I pretty much nixed all physical activity when I got pregnant with Penny. Why? I used to love to exercise. I used to do it 5 days a week. But I was SO scared I would overdo it and lose the baby. When I had her, I was afraid I would lose my milk supply. Now, I’m pregnant again and those same fears creep back in. Something I hope to overcome, because I do miss it. I will always be an advocate for exercise. The endorphins it releases are out of this world. I’m walking every day, so that counts. I want to incorporate some yoga in as well (something I also used to really enjoy) and see where that takes me. Baby steps, right?

So your list may not look exactly like mine, but think about what makes you happy, make a list on paper or in your head, and refer back to that list next time you feel ickiness creeping in. You can be happy every day, even if it’s for a little while. Let happiness enter every day, and soon it will start filling up more of your day than you realize. Love you all!



Those cheeks could brighten any day.

Those cheeks could brighten any day.