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My Top 10 Baby Products

My Top 10 Baby Products

I am a complete baby product junkie. I love to discover new products and I especially love to share my favorite products with other moms, so that's what I'm doing today!

Below are my 10 must have items that I can't live without-I mean I could...but I really don't want to. 

Let's jump right in.

1.) Kyte Baby Sleep Bag - In the newborn days we exclusively used the Love to Dream sleep sack. That is still one of my favorite sleep sacks and we used it up until 7 1/2 months. We started with the original sack and graduated to the transitional sack with the removable arms. Once she outgrew that, I knew she was needing something bigger and a bit cozier. She was moving to her big crib without the cozy support cushions of the wonderful Doc-A-Tot, so cozy was key. After a ton of online research, I came across the Kyte Baby Sleep Bag. I hadn't seen any of my favorite bloggers or You Tube moms ever mention this, but I was intrigued so I ordered one. As soon as it arrived, I ordered a second one. It is THAT soft. It is made of sustainable bamboo rayon (a material three degrees cooler than cotton), is hypoallergenic and includes a double zipper for easy diaper changing. Penny sleeps like a dream in this thing and I would too if they made one in adult size. It is SO SOFT. They offer the sleep bags in so many beautiful colors (we have the cream and lavender) and they are also available in different TOGs from 0.5-2.5. We have the 1.0 tog, which is best for temperatures 69-73 degrees fahrenheit. Click here if you want to learn more about the Kyte Baby Sleep Bag! 

2.) Parasol Diapers - These diapers are the real MVP of diapers. Here's why:

a. They are incredibly soft. I don't know about you, but if I had to wear a diaper all day, I would at the very least want it to be soft and as comfortable as possible. 

b. They have a laundry list of accolades pertaining to their cruelty free and vegan materials. Click here to learn more!

c. They come in really cute patterns! Because your baby needs to be cute, even under their clothes! 

d. They offer a super convenient subscription service. My diapers arrive every 6 weeks (can shorten this time, if needed) without me giving it a second thought aside from updating the size when needed and if I want to change up the patterns. 

e. They also offer wipes, diapers pants and FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTS! I personally can't wait to try these out. 

f-z - they are the bomb. The End. 

3.) Water Wipes - I think these are a go-to for so many moms. They are seriously 99.9% water and it really does't get more natural than that! These are a no brainer if you want a natural baby wipe. We have personally never had any diaper rash or irritation from using Water Wipes, and have used them since birth. BONUS: They double as hand, face and body wipes AND triple as a handy makeup remover wipe! I keep packs in the nursery, diaper bag, car, kitchen and nightstand! What more could you ask for? I order them on Amazon, but I recently discovered you can also grab some at your local Target. 

4.) NailFrida Clippers - Everyone knows about the magic of the Nose Frida snot sucker. It is a magical tool. Well, Fridababy didn't stop there. Enter-their magical nail clippers. If you have ever tried to cut a baby's finger nails, you'll understand the importance of having a pair that won't send you running for the hills. I received several pairs of the Safety First nail clippers at my baby shower, and those worked fine. But then, someone recommended the NailFrida clippers to me and these are seriously a game changer. They allow you to cut baby's nails very short and we have yet to have the tiniest skin nic due to their specially curved blades.

5.) My Brest Friend nursing pillow - I started out on my breastfeeding journey with the very popular, Boppy nursing pillow. I liked it ok, but I didn't like how Penny kept rolling between the pillow and my body due to its rounded shape. Breastfeeding is already hard. That is no secret. The last thing you need is additional stress and frustration coupled with more neck and back pain from being uncomfortable while nursing. All the hours put into breastfeeding make you want to be as comfortable as possible. I came across the 'My Brest Friend' pillow and completely loved it. It solved all of my issues in one pillow. It has a flat surface, with two raised notches (one on each end) I'm assuming were to elevate the baby's head while feeding. It wraps around your body with an adjustable strap, so there is no issue of baby rolling away from you, or falling between you and the pillow, it has back support AND a handy pocket on the front to hold your phone, a remote, snacks, a water bottle etc. I recommend this pillow to all of my mom friends whether they nurse or bottle feed. It works just as well while holding baby and giving them a bottle. It really is an all around fantastic pillow! 

6.) Baby Cook - If you plan on making your babe's food yourself, this product is such a time saver. It is a steamer/blender in one and I have really enjoyed using it to make tons of pureed foods, or just giving some veggies a quick steam now that we are moving towards more finger foods. It is so easy to use with one button to press to steam, and a turn of a knob to blend. It's so easy, I can (and pretty much do) use this often with my one free hand. MOM GOLD. Once we are completely off of purees, I plan to still get a lot of use from it-from steaming veggies to blending smoothies and other snacks!

7.) Owlet smart sock - Another item we have used since day one home from the hospital is the Owlet smart sock. As a first time mom, I was already super paranoid when it came to baby sleep. Even with Penny sleeping next to our bed the first 7 months of her life, I was in constant fear that she would stop breathing. This sock has given me such peace of mind and I have been able to sleep so much better (as good as a mom can sleep) knowing this sock is monitoring her breathing and oxygen levels while we sleep. BONUS: The Owlet has an app, so you can check the exact oxygen levels and heart rate all from your smartphone! 

8.) Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Car Seat - This is just an all around fantastic convertible carseat. It is plush, comes in beautiful colors (we have the color SAND) and most importantly, safe with top ratings for safety and Air Protect side impact. I believe it is also the only carseat that holds a child up to 85 pounds. The cushions are really easy to remove, wash and assemble back onto the carseat which is an additional great feature. For more info, check out this link

9.) Hatch Baby Rest sound machine - This sound machine has been a game changer, and we don't even use all of its coolest features yet! There are 12 different sound options for the sound machine, and 12 different colors (including a no-color option and tons of custom colors) for the night light. I love to use the night light features for late night diaper changes when I don't want to turn on a bright lamp, but still need to see what I'm doing. Wanna know the best part? You have the option to control it all from your smart phone! Some of the additional cool features it offers that we don't use yet include: setting an "ok to wake" feature with a custom color and sound to let your baby know its time to wake up. I think we'll use this when she's a little older, but seriously how cool is that?  

10.) GoMamaGo Crib Rail Covers - I did a completely separate blog post on these, because I think they are just so innovative and genius! Instead of using a traditional bumper in your crib, which has been deemed as a suffocation risk by the AAP, these rail covers solved all of my problems as a great alternative to horizontal bumpers. They are individual rail covers that zip up, attaching to each rail or slat. My baby was constantly bumping her head on the iron rails to the point I was searching for different cribs online (and really didn't want to since I love her crib so much). I came across the GoMamaGo products from a quick Google search and I am so glad I found them. I purchased the organic cotton cream covers, and let me tell you, they have been a life saver. They cushion those head bumps, while remaining a safe, breathable alternative to the traditional bumper. They also help fill in those large gaps between rails, so that (plus her sleep sack) prevents her little (chunky) legs from sticking out of the crib. 

So that's my top ten baby products! I hope you enjoyed this product review and I hope you will check out some (or all) of these great products!



*This is not a paid advertisement. I purchased all of these products myself and genuinely love each and every one! 


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